The perfect way to say "thank you".

Need to thank someone? Flowers are the best possible way to do it. 

Flowers Are The Perfect Thank You Gift!
We Hear It Again and Again

I don’t drink and yet it seems like the gift I get most often is alcohol. I end up re-gifting it but it causes a lot of stress, trying to keep track of who gave me what so I wouldn’t accidentally give it back to the person that gave it to me. (I did that once and the person clearly knew it! )

The best gift for me is flowers. It’s something I can enjoy and always appreciate, and the person who gives them always seems more original in their thinking.



Most guests bring a gift to a dinner party as a way to say “thanks for the invite”, and lately it seems like the go-to gift is a bottle of wine. Sometimes, though, as you put your wine on the sideboard with the other twelve bottles that have been brought that evening, you find yourself thinking “ I should have brought flowers”.

Here’s why you can never go wrong with flowers.

Flowers can be sent ahead of the party. Call your host a few days before the event and offer to provide the centrepiece for the table. This way, you can make sure your gift suits the decor or theme while also giving them one less thing to worry about. (And your gift probably gets a shout-out from the host.) Conversely, if you are hosting the dinner and someone asks “What can I bring?”, why not ask for some flowers? For those that like a certain amount of control over the style or theme of your party, this is a good way to get the flowers you really want. And you never drink most of the wine people give you, anyway.

Flowers are a great way to stay on budget. There’s a wide range of flowers, plants and arrangements available for any price range. You can buy loose flowers and do a simple arrangement yourself, or have one delivered in a beautiful vase. 

Flowers will last long after the event. Days after the party is over, the leftovers are eaten and the wine glasses washed and put away, your flowers will be brightening your host’s day.

Flowers work for any relationship. Whether it is a casual dinner with your college roommate or the first time meeting your boss’ wife, flowers are the perfect accompaniment to your sparking wit and clever repartee.

Flowers don’t need to be shared. Unlike a bottle of wine or a box of macaroons from that trendy bakery, your host won’t need to share their flowers with anyone after the party - yet everyone still gets to enjoy them at the dinner.